Tobacco Media Group (TMG) is more than a name, it’s an experience. TMG is a powerful global brand that serves as a unique voice and proponent of the premium tobacco, vapor and alternative industries and the men and women who work in it. TMG places the needs, concerns and stories of the tobacco, vapor and alternative industries in the context of the world we live in today, focusing on the challenges faced by all levels of the tobacco business from the manufacturers down to the retailers and consumers, and offers timely and valuable solutions to their problems and concerns.

TMG has created various platforms–including publications, digital media, and an expansive trade show–to serve as a voice to the tobacco, vapor and alternative industries. As part of Kretek International, Inc., TMG offers businesses unique solutions to their needs, from expanded distribution through Phillips & King and its Price Kutter publication, new customer outreach in print and online advertising through Tobacco Business, and direct-to-customer networking and selling opportunities with the annual TPE Show. TMG is not just a magazine, more than a trade show, it’s an experience.